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Below are a combination of interviews with Richard Miniter and articles about him or his books. Read Archive Reviews.

Date Title Publication
July 21, 2011 Sustaining the unsustainable Sun Journal
July 19, 2011 Tactics vs. Strategy National Review Online
July 18, 2011 Why The Democratic Party Is Doomed Forbes
July 17, 2011 Time For Once Upon A Time In America American Thinker
July 7, 2011 RFW Guests: Steven Crowder and Richard Miniter – RADIO INTERVIEW Freedom Foundation
July 7, 2011 Why Is Obama’s State Department Uneasy About Democracy? – BLOG Forbes
June 29, 2011 ‘Mastermind’ – from KSM to KFC – REVIEW World Net Daily
June 26, 2011 TTerrorist’s other victims should get chance at justice, too Colorado Springs Gazette
June 23, 2011 The Cyberwar Threat New York Post
June 23, 2011 Hacked! When will we start to defend America’s computers? Colorado Springs Gazette
June 16, 2011 American ban on applying sharia is far-sighted, not bigoted Colorado Springs Gazette
June 2, 2011 Journalist investigates life, mind of Sept. 11 ‘Mastermind,’ KSM, in new book IBTIMES.TV
June 1, 2011 Media mock religious, not secular end-of-world predictions Colorado Springs Gazette
May 24, 2011 Inside the Mind of the Mastermind, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed (review) FrontPage Magazine
May 19, 2011 Mastermind – Speech – VIDEO
May 18, 2011 Is the American flag flown at Guantanamo Bay? Stripes
May 15, 2011 Q&A with Richard Miniter – VIDEO
May 15, 2011 MINITER: All the so-called ‘experts’ really were wrong about bin Laden Colorado Springs Gazette
May 14, 2011 Name drop: How the U.S. identified bin Laden’s courier CTV Calgary
May 13, 2011 Was too much information about the bin Laden raid made public too fast? – VIDEO Fox News
May 12, 2011 Book Review – Mastermind Intellectual Conservative
  RichardMiniter Interview OBL
May 9, 2011 Dead men tell no tales, so killing bin Laden was a bad idea
Colorado Springs Gazette
May 9, 2011 Pakistan: America’s Worst Ally Assyrian International News Agency
May 9, 2011 The Continuing Terrorist Threat
WRKO – The Howie Carr Show
May 5, 2011 Blue Yeti: The Hinderaker-Ward Experience #7: Miniter On The Middle East Benzinga
May 5, 2011 Obama Turns His Back on 9/11 Family Member Fox News
May 4, 2011 Bin Laden Death Reveals Pakistan’s Betrayal The Daily Beast
May 4, 2011 Terror Expert: Keep Waterboarding — It Led SEALs to bin Laden NewsMax
May 4, 2011 The Man Behind the ‘Mastermind’ The Dennis Miller Show
May 3, 2011 What’s Next for Al Qaeda? – VIDEO Fox News
May 3, 2011 No Flags at Gitmo (review) Powerline
May 3, 2011 New Book on KSM: US Military Defers to Inmates, Hides US Flag at Gitmo (review) Big Peace
May 2, 2011 The Brett Winterble Show on Bin Ladens Death Brett Winterble Show
  Mastermind, The Many Faces of the 9/11 Architect, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed (review) What Would the Founders Think?
Nov 26, 2004 Indiana Jones, Sherlock
Holmes & Teddy Roosevelt
Oct 4, 2004 Fox Special Report with Brit Hume: Interview with Richard Miniter Fox News
June 22, 2004 EDITORIAL: Iraq and Al-Qaida—Connections, maybe even to 9/11 Manchester Union Leader
June 18, 2004 Iraq, Al-Qaida and the 9/11 Panel: Panel Shortchanged Topic in Its Report Rocky Mountain News
June 14, 2004 Generation Reagan National Review
May 16, 2004 IRAQ: Missing links Florida Times-Union
Apr 9, 2004 Converging Testimony (George F. Will) Washington Post
Apr 06, 2004 Richard Clarke’s distraction Washington Times
Nov 1, 2003 ‘Clinton did not have the will to respond’ World Magazine
Oct 30, 2003 Clinton Administration’s Missed Chances Rocky Mountain News
Sept 15, 2003 Helping bin Laden and Saddam Forbes
Sept 12, 2003 Interview with Richard Miniter (Laurie Dhue) Fox News
Sept 11, 2003 Clinton’s Loss?: A Q&A by Kathryn Jean Lopez National Review
Sept 10, 2003 Losing Bin Laden: Interview with Richard Miniter American Morning, CNN
Sept 4, 2003 Analysis with Richard Miniter (Brit Hume) Fox News
Sept 2, 2003 Clinton missed chance to hit bin Laden National Post (Canada)
Sept 1, 2003 Terror Book Press Trust of India
May 28, 2002 Miniter’s World Samizdata
June 25, 2001 Commentary: A Global View Wall Street Journal

Archive Reviews

Myth of Market Share | Losing Bin Laden | Shadow War

Shadow War: The Untold Story of How Bush Is Winning the War on Terror

Date Title or Quote Publication
Oct 30, 2004 Return of the pamphleteer Financial Times Weekend Mazagine
Oct 12 , 2004 TERRORISM: Keeping score Florida Times-Union

Losing Bin Laden: How Bill Clinton’s Failures Unleashed Global Terror

Date Title or Quote Publication
Apr 9, 2004 Converging Testimony Washington Post
Apr 2004 “[T]he author is too good a journalist to conform fully…he has interviewed the cream of Clinton-era senior officials…most of whom went on record” Nth Position
March 25, 2004 TERRORISM: Fluffy stuff Florida Times-Union
Nov 20, 2003 “Miniter writes briskly and argues with confidence” Wall Street Journal
Nov 9, 2003 “Blind Eyes” Washington Post
Nov 1, 2003 Kill Bill: the relentless effort to blame 9/11 on President Clinton. Washington Monthly
Oct 27, 2003 Shelf Life: Everybody’s Bill of Rights National Review
Oct 20, 2003 An “unrelenting, impressive exposé chronicling the Clinton Administration’s many failures” Townhall
Oct 2003 While Bubba Slept. American Spectator
Oct 14, 2003 A “riveting account of the all out terror war that bin Laden declared against the U.S.” United
Press International
Sept 25, 2003 “Book fingers Clinton for rise of bin Laden” WorldNetDaily
Sept 24, 2003 “Fully exposes the failures” Accuracy
in Media
Sept 23 , 2003 Clinton NSC attacks Miniter + Miniter responds Washington Times
Sept 17, 2003 “…a primer for elected officials and bureaucrats—of what they must not let happen again if our nation is to be safe” Human Events
Sept 15, 2003 “…chronicles in grim, eye-popping detail how the Clinton administration mortally bungled our pre-9/11 efforts…an extraordinary array of sources…” Forbes
Sept 14, 2003 Losing bin Laden is a dramatic, page-turning read” John M. Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs
Sept 10, 2003 “[Miniter] deserves congratulations from all Americans, for he has provided information and light on the most important issue of our time” Winchester Star
Sept 7, 2003 How Clinton lost bin Laden Chattanooga Times Free Press
Sept 03, 2003 Losing bin Laden brings into focus what was known to the Clinton White House, but not to the general American public…makes for provocative reading” Wall Street Journal
Sept 02, 2003 Losing bin Laden is a valuable history that should serve as a training manual in how not to run a foreign policy” Washington Times
Sept 1, 2003 Miniter “has written a bitter indictment of the American president…based on direct, on-the-record quotes from participants.” Chicago Sun-Times

Myth of Market Share

Date Title or Quote Publication
June 14 , 2004 Market share is the result of competitive advantage Asheville Citizen-Times
Dec 22, 2002 Readings Washington Post