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22 Media Myths That Undermine the War on Terror

In Disinformation, veteran investigative reporter and bestselling author Richard Miniter debunks the myths of the left (and the right) with hard evidence, high-level interviews and on-the-ground reporting in more than a dozen countries.

From the Inside Flap
You’ve been fooled. If you think…

  • Al Qaeda terrorists are likely to cross the Mexican border
  • Suitcase nuclear weapons are a real threat
  • There was no link between al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein (and no WMD in Iraq)
  • That Halliburton made a fortune off Iraq ..then you’ve accepted some of the most prevalent myths about the War on Terror—myths that are demonstrably untrue. If truth is the first casualty of war, urban legends are the first product of America’s War on Terror. In Disinformation, investigative reporter and terrorism expert Richard Miniter punctures twenty-two myths about terrorism, al Qaeda, and the war in Iraq. He has sifted the written record, met with countless high-level sources, and traveled the globe, from Sudan to the Philippines, Egypt to Iraq, to track down and refute some of the most widely believed—and often pernicious—legends of the War on Terror. Provocative but irrefutable, with startling new reporting, Miniter reveals:
  • Why racial profiling of terrorists won’t work
  • Why Iraq is not “another Vietnam”
  • Why Osama bin Laden is not a massively wealthy criminal mastermind, was not funded or trained by the CIA, and is not on dialysis
  • Why poverty doesn’t cause terrorism Miniter gives you all the evidence to shoot down disinformation and refute those who mindlessly repeat it. If you want the truth about the War on Terror, start here.