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Commentary by Richard Miniter

Below is a selection of articles written by Richard Miniter between 1990and 2005. It is not intended to be a complete list of all of Miniter’s published works. Recent Articles/Media may be found here. In a few cases, subscription or registration may be required.

Date Title Publication
Jan 30, 2012 Is Mitt Romney Actually Electable?
Apr 27, 2011 KSM: Back to Zero New York Post
Apr 22, 2011 Why Is The U.N. In The War-Making Business?
Apr 15, 2011 Drowning in Debt
Mar 31, 2011 What Obama Can’t Say About the Real Threats From Libya Colorado Springs Gazette
Mar 20, 2011 Japanese Are No More or No Less Honorable Than Americans Colorado Springs Gazette
Mar 14, 2011 Shrink the Debt By Selling Federal Land Colorado Springs Gazette
Mar 5, 2011 Use the Predator To Put An End To Gadhafi’s Slaughter Now Colorado Springs Gazette
Mar 4, 2011 Just Take Out Khadafy – A Predator Can Do The Job New York Post
Feb 24, 2011 Pigs Can Fly – With A Second Engine and Pork Money Colorado Springs Gazette
Jan 12, 2011 Obama, Chavez and the American Shareholder
Dec 1, 2010 The Polisario: The Next Al Qaeda? Hudson Institute
Nov 1, 2010 Letting Another Qaeda Bastion Grow New York Post
Sept 2, 2010 Was the Iraqi War Worth it? Hudson Institute
Mar 5, 2010 Maybe We Shouldn’t Try KSM The Daily Beast
Dec 20, 2009 To Hell With Privacy The Daily Beast
Dec 2, 2009 How Iraq Could Win The War in Afghanistan National Post
Dec 10, 2008 Don’t Coin This Currency Black Star News
Oct 1, 2008 The End of Conservatism
Sept 18, 2008 Palin Hacker’s Identify Is Revealed
Feb 1, 2008 The Iranian Bomb:  Where the Presidential Candidates Stand
Sept 12, 2007 Why, Again, Should We Want This Heavy, Jangling Nuisance Clotting Our Pockets? Milwaukee-Wisconsin
Sept 29, 2006 Richard Miniter: Clinton’s Grand Failure — No wonder the ex-president is so defensive – he had Osama within reach The Australian
Sept 27, 2006 What President Clinton Didn’t Do The Wall Street Journal
Sept 15, 2006 A Deadly Kindness The New York Post
Oct 6, 2005 Laura Ingraham for SCOTUS! National Review Online
June 13, 2005 CIA Won’t Listen to Congressman’s Source Human Events
Mar 28, 2005 How a Lone Diplomat Compromised the Hunt for Bin Laden New York Sun
Oct 27, 2004 Bin Laden’s Iran alliance: Pledges al Qaeda’s service to combat U.S. Washington Times
Oct 26, 2004 Yielding successes: Bush’s coalition against terror Washington Times
Oct 25, 2004 U.S. help from Yemen: Tracking down the terror masters Washington Times
Oct 21, 2004 Who’s really winning the war on terrorism? The Australian
Apr 1, 2004 Against Selected Enemies Wall Street Journal
Mar 29, 2004 Right Goal, Wrong Method Washington Times
Dec 12, 2003 The Quiet Revolutionary Tech Central Station
Dec 6, 2003 Iraq around the clock World Magazine
Nov 22, 2003 The growing pains of freedom World Magazine
Nov 16, 2003 Spies close in on Saddam’s ailing terror mastermind Sunday Times (UK)
Sept 25, 2003 The Iraq — Al Qaeda Connections Tech Central Station
Sept 24, 2003 Dispelling the CIA-Bin Laden Myth Fox News
Sept 23, 2003 Clinton NSC attacks Miniter + Miniter responds Washington Times
Sept 5, 2003 Much known, little done Washington Times
Sept 4, 2003 Unprepared for battle Washington Times
Sept 3, 2003 Bill Clinton’s indifference + Related Editorial Washington Times
Sept 2, 2003 Bill Clinton’s failure on terrorism + Related Editorial Washington Times
Feb 25, 2003 Europe’s Hidden Conservatives National Review
Dec 1, 2002 A very mixed bag: economics and politics in today’s Europe The American Enterprise
June 3, 2002 Memogate – Did the CIA leak the news about 9/11? The New Republic
Mar 17, 2002 ‘Most wanted’ Al-Qaeda man held in Africa Sunday Times (UK)
Feb 3, 2002 A Trail of Missed Opportunities (Road to Ground Zero: Part 5) Sunday Times
Jan 20, 2002 Clinton’s Secret War Sunday Times (UK)
Jan 13, 2002 God’s Warrior: The Sept 11 Plotters Sunday Times (UK)
Jan 13, 2002 How the CIA Lost its Bearing in the Scrub of 95 Sunday Times (UK)
Jan 6, 2002 The Road to Ground Zero: Mohammed Atta Sunday Times (UK)
Jan 6, 2002 US Missed Three Chances to Seize Bin Laden Sunday Times (UK)
Dec 13, 2001 Hamburg Dispatch: Cell Block The New Republic
Dec 10, 2001 Vindication in Swift Victory The Australian
Nov 9, 2001 Fear and Loathing in Doha (by Julian Morris and Richard Miniter) Tech Central Station
Oct 8, 2001 Sudan’s Angle Wall Street Journal
Oct 1, 2001 Muslims for Liberty Wall Street Journal
Sept 24, 2001 The Iraqi Connection Wall Street Journal
Sept 10, 2001 Unidentified Rolling Objects Wall Street Journal
Aug 31, 2001 Deliver Us From Labor Day Wall Street Journal
Aug 27, 2001 A German Conspiracy Theory With Legs Wall Street Journal Europe
Aug 24, 2001 Lost and Found Wall Street Journal
Aug 17, 2001 W the Vampire Slayer Wall Street Journal
Aug 13, 2001 In Praise of Presidential Vacations Wall Street Journal
Aug 10, 2001 Time Out Wall Street Journal
Aug 3, 2001 A Deaf Ear—II Wall Street Journal
July 30, 2001 Book Review: Business Inspiration from a Higher Power Wall Street Journal
July 27, 2001 A Deaf Ear Wall Street Journal
July 23, 2001 Hard Cell Wall Street Journal
July 13, 2001 Ken Smith’s Getaway Car Wall Street Journal
June 10, 2001 In Praise of Meanness Wall Street Journal
June 7, 2001 European Firms Learn to Get Mean Wall Street Journal
June 2001 Hard Cell Human Life Review
Apr 28, 2001 The Dutch Way of Death Wall Street Journal
Mar 22, 2001 The Dutch Way of Death: medical ethics in the Netherlands The Human Life Review
Mar 16, 2001 Africa Deserves Democracy Too Wall Street Journal
Mar 5, 2001 How Buyers Can Buy Power Wall Street Journal Europe
Feb 26, 2001 Business Europe: Does Scale Still Matter? Wall Street Journal Europe
Feb 2001 Real-Estate Broker From Hell Reader’s Digest
Jan 22, 2001 The Banana Boat and the Big Rock Candy Mountain Wall Street Journal Europe
Jan 5, 2001 In the Danger Zone Wall Street Journal
Dec 6, 2000 Why Lucent no Longer Shines Wall Street Journal Europe
Nov 28, 2000 Globaloney: The Case Against Green Things Wall Street Journal
Nov 6, 2000 Business Europe: Why Lucent No Longer Shines Wall Street Journal Europe
Oct 2, 2000 Is Daimler the Way? Wall Street Journal Europe
Sept 30, 2000 ‘You are not a person of concern to UNHCR’ World Magazine
Sept 16, 2000 The aggressive pursuit of leisure: An American in Europe finds play is hard work The Ottawa Citizen
Sept 1, 2000 Work? Non! The Effortful Pursuit Of Pleasure Wall Street Journal
Aug 6, 2000 ‘You Are Not a Person of Concern’ Honorable Mention 2001 National Press Club Awards Wall Street Journal
July, 2000 Parcours de battants (Aggressive Leisure) Selection du Reader’s Digest (Canada)
June 30, 2000 Another Kind of Cold War? Wall Street Journal Europe
June 1, 2000 Book Review: The Trust The American Enterprise
May 27, 2000 Terra-Lyons Makes History—And Sense Wall Street Journal Europe
Feb 25, 2000 Out of stock for hourly workers? The Washington Times
Feb 8, 2000 Without media benefits The Washington Times
Feb, 2000 Sorpresas sin límite en Internet Reader’s Digest (México)
Feb, 2000 Etonnez-vous avec le Net  (Are you astonished with the (Inter)Net?) Selection du Reader’s Digest (Canada)
Jan 1, 2000 Book Review: France on the Brink: A Great Civilization Faces the New Century The American Enterprise
Dec 21, 1999 George W. Bush: Texas Democrat Las Vegas Review-Journal
Dec 1999 Surprising Things You Can Do On-Line Reader’s Digest
Nov 18, 1999 Don’t expand mail monopoly; stamp it out Journal of Commerce
Nov 12, 1999 Going Postal The Washington Times
Nov 11, 1999 U.S. Mail Monopoly Should Be Wiped Out Bridge News
Nov 10, 1999 Don’t Pick On A Toothless Tiger The Australian Financial Review
Nov 1, 1999 Manager’s Journal: Watch Out, Or You Might Get ‘Salvaged’ Wall Street Journal
Oct 28, 1999 It’s Time To Stop Trivialising Chainsaw Capitalism The Australian Financial Review
Sept 20, 1999 Clinton Aims a Wrecking Ball At Teacher’s Pensions Bridge News
Sept 8, 1999 EBay: A Tale of Survival Against The Odds Australian Financial Review
Sept 1999 Great Business Comebacks Reader’s Digest
Aug-Sept, 1999 Forced payment requiring – exempted teachers and the clergy to make contributions to Social Security Reason
July 12, 1999 No escape hatch for lockbox? The Washington Times
July 1999 Sudan: The False Promise of Slave Redemption Honorable Mention 2000 National Press Club Awards The Atlantic Monthly
May 28, 1999 Good Works In Bad Places Wall Street Journal
May 1999 Cool Things You Can Do On-Line Reader’s Digest
Apr 1999 Bringing Work Home Reader’s Digest
Mar 5, 1999 Love, Hollywood Style Wall Street Journal
Mar 1999 Willie Wonka They’re Not American Enterprise
Mar 1999 Keepers of the Dream Reader’s Digest
Feb 18, 1999 When Size Isn’t Everything The Australian Financial Review
Feb 1, 1999 Manager’s Journal: It’s Not The End Of The Road Or Midsize Car-Makers Wall Street Journal
Jan 14, 1999 Discount Tag, A Brand To Avoid The Australian Financial Review
Dec 7, 1998 Manager’s Journal: Discounting Is No Bargain Wall Street Journal
Nov 6, 1998 The self-destruction of Ronald Reagan’s heirs: The Republican Party, which once pledged to give America’s voters ‘a choice, not an echo,’ now gives neither Bridge News
Nov 1998 Why is America’s Black Middle Class Strangely Fragile? The American Enterprise
Oct 1, 1998 Eateries seek a free song Journal of Commerce
Sept 30, 1998 Restaurant lobby has GOP singing an un-American tune; restaurateurs want Congress to give away the private property of (mostly Democrat) songwriters Bridge News
Sept 1998 Why NASA Must Go American Enterprise
June 15, 1998 Manager’s Journal: The Myth Of Market Share Wall Street Journal
June 8, 1998 Cuba’s nuclear threat Journal of Commerce
June 7, 1998 Cuban reactor poses risk to U.S.; Castro government resumes construction of flawed nuclear facility The Baltimore Sun
June 3, 1998 A nuclear threat arises in Cuba: Castro has resumed construction of dangerous Soviet-era reactors that threaten Americans from Texas to D.C. Bridge News
June 3, 1998 Newly nuclear neighbor The Washington Times
May 21, 1998 Busting Microsoft May Give Australia Free Reign The Australian Financial Review
May 1998 America’s Newest Corporate Address is Home Sweet Home American Enterprise
May 1998 Why Can’t My Son’s Teacher Speak English? American Enterprise
Apr 28, 1998 More money for teachers, and forget the kids Las Vegas Review-Journal
Apr 21, 1998 Bilingual means money for teachers instead of education for children Knight Ridder/Tribune
Apr 1998 How to Plan for Your Financial Future Reader’s Digest
Mar 31, 1998 It takes an entrepreneur to raise a child Bridge News
Mar 15, 1998 Suburbs in the driver’s seat; Political clout preserves power of car culture Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin)
Mar 1998 Why do Boom Towns Boom? American Enterprise
Jan 27, 1998 Suburban politics The Baltimore Sun
Jan 14, 1998 All things considered, a bad idea Journal of Commerce
Jan 12, 1998 I am suburbanite, hear me roar! Journal of Commerce
Jan 4, 1998 Voters in suburbia drive home an automotive agenda News and Observer (Raleigh, NC)
Dec 28, 1997 Suburbs rising; Distant rumble is the sound of cars and political clout Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Texas)
Dec 28, 1997 For a Nation of Suburbanites, Cars are a Political Issue The Bergen County Record (New Jersey)
Dec 27, 1997 In these changing times, suburbanites gaining political clout Austin American-Statesman (Texas)
Dec 21, 1997 New driving force in politics Suburbs overtake cities for control The Times Union (Albany, New York)
Nov 7, 1997 What Drives Politics Wall Street Journal
Nov 4, 1997 Enterprising Generation X Journal of Commerce
Nov 1997 Small Towns, Big Government American Enterprise
Oct 21, 1997 Escalating health premiums The Washington Times
Oct 17, 1997 It’s the law and it’s inexpensive Journal of Commerce
Oct 1997 This Generation Means Business Reader’s Digest
Sept 1997 Bad Economics Makes Bad Movies American Enterprise
July 17, 1997 Too Many Elephants Wall Street Journal
July 1997 Generation X Does Business American Enterprise
May 1997 Dopeheads: The FDA Cracks Down on Parents American Enterprise
Apr 24, 1997 Reforming unemployment insurance The Washington Times
Nov 1996 Al Dunlop and the Shareholder Revolution American Enterprise
Nov 1996 Enterprising Women Reader’s Digest
Jan 1996 Under Siege: New York’s Liability Ordeal Manhattan Institute Center for Legal Policy
Nov 27, 1995 Social Services Should Work for Adoptions Insight on the News
Nov 20, 1995 Column: Better to Pluck Tyson Chickens than Taxpayers – welfare reform in Missouri Insight on the News
Sept 4, 1995 The Kessler Tobaccomania: Commissioner David A. Kessler of the Food and Drug Administration Insight on the News
Aug 21, 1995 Weatherman leader heads ABA panel: Bernardine Dohrn, former leader of the Weatherman Underground and American Bar Assn co-chair Insight on the News
July 1995 From Weapons to Widgets American Enterprise
Summer 1995 This Market Sure Isn’t Free City Journal
June 26, 1995 Cleaning Up Superfund National Review
Apr 26, 1995 One Republican’s Hollywood detour The Washington Times
Mar 24, 1995 Bureaucrat-Persecuted Landowners Need Relief Human Events
Spring 1995 A Vicious Cycle City Journal
Winter 1995 Cease-Fire in the Water War City Journal
Winter 1995 Jurymandering City Journal
Dec 23, 1994 Property Rights Drive is Fast Gaining Ground Human Events
Dec 22, 1994 Vassar’s War Against Women The Washington Times
Dec 11, 1994 Contract Out on Bureaucratic Property Rights Abuses The Washington Times
Oct 24, 1994 Gay Right Holds GOP in a Firm Embrace Insight on the News
Fall 1994 You Just can’t take it Anymore Policy Review
May 1994 Ending Reform as We Know It The World & I
Mar 7, 1994 As the Vast Wasteland Blooms, Can PBS Thrive? Insight
Feb 21, 1994 Women’s Successes Banish Business Myths Insight
Jan 24, 1994 Campus Speech Wars: Waving the Tacky Shirt Insight
Winter 1994 New York’s Needless War Over Water City Journal
Dec 27, 1993 Cover Story: Are the Greens losing their grip? U.S. environmental movement Insight on the News
Dec 27, 1993 Shoot-out at the ethics gap: dubious behavior of Interior Department appointee, George Frampton National Review
Nov 15, 1993 Cover Story: Will voters vouch for schools? California referendum proposes school choice amendment Insight on the News
Oct 11, 1993 Cover Story: Congress chokes on pork chop; how Rep Richard Pombo attempted to save wasted spending on a California wildlife project Insight on the News
Sept 27, 1993 Rules of the House don’t get in the way; how congressmen sidestep House of Representatives regulations to delay or enact legislation Insight on the News
Autumn 1993 Lead Astray City Journal
Aug 23, 1993 Cover Story: The shifting ground of property rights; costs of implementing federal regulations Insight on the News
Aug 21, 1993 Environmentalists Target Dry Cleaners Human Events
Aug 21, 1993 Regulated Senseless in New York City New York Times
Aug 16, 1993 Smokers Express Airlines: Airline hopes to fly smoker-friendly skies Insight on the News
Aug, 1993 Ill-gotten gains: abuse of asset-forfeiture statutes Reason
July 26, 1993 Cover Story: Congress’s new class – wild at heart Insight on the News
July 5, 1993 False start at Interior? Controversy over selection of George T. Frampton Jr. as assistant secretary for fish, wildlife and parks Insight on the News
Summer 1993 Is Dry Cleaning a Health Hazard? City Journal
June 14, 1993 Crime Wave May Turn L.A. Tide Insight
June 7, 1993 Religion Stands up to Big Brother Insight
May 4, 1993 In defense of the forgotten right The Washington Times
Spring 1993 Urban Ecology: New Fuels Won’t Clear the Air City Journal
Mar 29, 1993 Clinton’s Unlikely Boosters Insight
Mar 22, 1993 Legal channels and cable’s future: Impact of Cable Television Consumer Protection Act of 1992 on the already over-regulated cable television industry Insight on the News
Feb 22, 1993 Property Seizures on Trial Insight
Feb 8, 1993 Challenges Ahead for the EPA’s New Earth Mother Insight
Winter 1993 Getting the Lead Out City Journal
Dec 14, 1992 Cover Story: ‘Wetlands’ send man up the river; irony of case against environmentalist William Ellen, accused of violating wetlands regulations in Maryland wildlife sanctuary project Insight on the News
Sept 20, 1992 Running Against a Computer Washington Post
Aug 1992 Trouble in Paradise Reason
July 6, 1992 Saving the species National Review
Summer 1992 A False Alarm on Smog City Journal
Mar 31, 1992 Environmentalism Smothers New York Wall Street Journal
Winter 1992 Shutting Down New York City Journal
Apr 15, 1991 The Oil Shortage That Wasn’t National Review
Mar 1991 Jumping on the ‘Greenhouse’ Bandwagon The World & I
Spring 1991 Muddy Waters Policy Review
Feb 17, 1991 PBS: Is the ‘Green’ Network a Bit Shady? Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Feb 8, 1991 Too Hot for PBS? Christian Science Monitor
Feb, 1991 The Oil Weapon National Review
Nov 7, 1990 The $9 billion gas tax detour The Washington Times